Unic e Lineapelle

Via Brisa 3, Milano - Map

Unic e Lineapelle

Far from the traffic of the city, in the heart of old Milan there’s the headquarters of UNIC, the acronym for Unione Nazionale Industria Conciaria. The archive of thirty thousand leather samples is the basement floor in Via Brisa: incredible pieces are found inside the drawers or hanging on the walls. From ray fish skin, to crocodile, sheep nappa and shark. An immersion in the world of tanning to discover the latest leather processing techniques and accessories that have accompanied it over the last 40 years. High fashion, on the other hand, appears through the windows – you can touch it and feel it in the brand new Lineapelle space in front of the HQs. Don’t miss the view on the ruins of Massimiano’s imperial palace.

During the visit there will be the opportunity to craft a product of leather.

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