18 - 19 May


Via Bergognone 34, Milan
NO BOOKING REQUIRED: 11.00 am - 5.00 pm

Behind every play, there isn’t only the work of the few who get the final applauses onstage, but a vast amount of labour from costume designers, set designers, carpenters, sculptors, often behind the scenes, away from the flashy lights… Everything that will make an appearance on the world’s most beautiful stage, La Scala, originates here, in what was once one of the city’s biggest industrial compounds, the former Ansaldo. Now, the space is an emblem of Italian theatrical culture and preserves over 60,000 archival stage costumes.

Open on Saturday and Sunday.


Teatro alla Scala’s laboratories, first located in the offices of Bovisa, Pero, Abanella and Piermarini itself, have been assembled, since February 20, 2001, at the former industrial settlements of Ansaldo’s steel mills in Milan.

An impressive 20,000-square-foot structure, divided into three pavilions called after the director Luchino Visconti, the stage designer Nicola Benois and the costume designer Luigi Sapelli (Caramba’s name), capable of hosting most of the craftsmanship of scenic installations: scenography, sculpture, thermoforming, carpentry, mechanical workshop, assembly of scenes, tailoring, costume processing, laundry.

A space where more than 60,000 stage costumes can be kept, there are the halls for the choir and a scenic space for the direct performances that perfectly correspond to the Piermarini stage.

A heritage that exists thanks to the daily work of more than 150 carpenters, blacksmiths, carpenters, stage designers,stage designer technics, sculptors, tailors, costume designers, who, from a simple sketch, make the whole scenic set-up.