18 - 19 May


Via Opifici 100, Lesa (NO)
11.00 am - 5.30 pm

Meeting point in Via Solari 37, Milano.
Booking is essential.


Visitors will meet at 37, via Solari, in the post-industrial building where Herno has its Milan headquarters. Through the Laghi motorway, visitors will reach Lesa, the town overlooking the Lake Maggiore where the house’s HQs are based: with a traditional nineteenth-century structure, the factory perfectly blends in with the surroundings through the use of wood, stone and vertical grass panels. Inside, as well as the old boards of the cutting room, there’s the most modern, cutting-edge machinery and a collection of artworks.

Saturday and Sunday. Two slots: departure at 9:30 am (with return at 1:30 pm) or departure at 3pm (with return at 7:30 pm), free entrance. If you wish to use the provided bus transfers, booking is essential. It is possible to reach Lesa independently and still take part in the visits. If you plan to do so, booking for the visits is still required.


Founded in Lesa in 1948, at the mouth of the river with the same name which flows shortly thereafter into Lake Maggiore, Herno has stood for Italian production excellence for 70 years and has a history of continuous evolution: from the first raincoats of the early post-war period to high fashion brand production in the 80s and 90s, through to its more extensive current collection, Herno is synonymous with urban outerwear throughout the fashion world.

It is the second-generation guidance of Claudio Marenzi, from 2005, that marked a turning point in terms of international growth, with a campaign to raise awareness of the family brand through continuous investment in research, technology and eco-sustainability projects such as the only Italian study and corresponding production of Europe’s first Made Green in Italy garment. All the while maintaining the correct dose of sartorial tradition.

With more than 70% of its revenues generated by foreign markets, turnover of just under 100 million euros; 180 jobs in the Lesa branch and a 800 jobs in the cashmere double production branch in Sicily, Herno is at the forefront of increasingly high-performance fabrics, while continuing to honour the extraordinary resources of the Italian textile industry and creating a dialogue between tradition and innovation. All thanks to Claudio Marenzi, former President of SMI and current President of Confindustria Moda and Pitti Immagine and his relentless determination to renewing the production processes.

Environmental context

Herno emerged in Lesa, along the valley of the river from which it takes its name. There it started production in an old factory in the depths of a forest, in harmony with the surrounding landscape. Including the setting in his own environmental context was part of Marenzi’s ethical view. This way, the entire infrastructure of the headquarters in Lesa respects everything that surrounds it. The 19th-century factory, completely refurbished and modernised with solar panels, fulfils its own
energy requirements, which have gradually been reduced thanks to the purchase of low-consumption machinery. And it is a structure in harmony with nature, even the new industrial
building that sits alongside the historic office. A single building over three floors, designed to blend in and fit the life on the hill: natural materials, a vertical garden that actually incorporates the building to limit the visual impact as much as possible, and insulation designed to reduce energy loss. Looking after the environment, however, also means organising work spaces in sync with human rhythms, without overlooking safety at work. Herno arranges for continuous improvement in accordance with legal processes, and encourages actions to increase every employee’s awareness that carrying out a job while protected from risks contributes to improving the work place.