Returning to Milan on May 18 and 19, 2019 ApritiModa – the brainchild of Cinzia Sasso – opens to the public the city’s most secret and wonderful places, the ateliers where fashion is created. Fifteen places to discover, fifteen unmissable experiences, fifteen thrilling opportunities to get to know Italian fashion from Armani’s <A> all the way to Versace’s <V>, ApritiModa promises to be a breath-taking treasure hunt.

Fashion is the incomparable image of Made in Italy around the world, and Milan is its capital. Here, behind the doors of marvellous buildings, magical courtyards and renovated or centuries-old factories, genius, culture and artisanal savoir faire become a product, an artefact which we know by way of catwalk shows or charming adverts – ApritiModa unveils its behind-the-scenes, the places where this exceptional craftsmanship process originates.

Discovering the places where fashion is created is an extraordinary experience, a journey of beauty discovery, a path through the Italian genius. Every fashion maison realises a different and unique project, but all houses welcome the public to their private spaces. To Milan’s ateliers – all within walking distance – will be added two unmissable out-of-town destinations: Ermenegildo Zegna and Herno will open their factories in the mountains in the province of Biella and on the Lake Maggiore respectively. This year will also be Pino Grasso’s first with ApritiModa – known as the master of embroidery, Grasso has realised some of the most precious creations of contemporary luxury fashion.

Milan, known for its design fair, conquered the world with FuoriSalone; Milan, Italy’s first music destination, invented Piano City; Milan, the country’s capital of publishing, created BookCity; and now Milan, with ApritiModa, establishes a direct dialogue between who creates fashion and who lives the city. Opening the doors to the fashion ateliers means giving an unmissable opportunity to get to know the beauty and uniqueness of these places, to make them feel more open, intimate and democratic – knowledge means appreciation and love, and involving the public in such initiative means priding ourselves on the excellence of Made in Italy.

The first ApritiModa edition took place in Milan on October 21 and 22, 2017, while its second edition opened the doors to Florence’s ateliers on March 24 and 25, 2018. ApritiModa is a collective event, which enabled the public’s participation to grow in our cities among both locals and tourists who, through the initiative, have the opportunity to live a memorable and compelling experience.


Thanks to:

All students participating in the initiative for their fundamental contribution
FAI volunteers for their support
Avv. Alice Pisapia
Prof. Giandomenico Bettoni
NAC – New Film Academy

Logo Apritimoda: Anna Regina D’Antona
Naming: Marco Zapparoli